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Top 7 Angel Investment Network In India

Angel Investment Network

Top 7 Angel Investment Network In India

Angel investment networks are groups of angel investors who collaborate to invest collectively, operate more efficiently, and provide mutual support.

The startup market in India has become a persistent player. There are so many emerging startups that have found their way to the top. Before a decade, startups were not fully acknowledged, nor were they accepted. But with better understanding and better funding options, they began to flourish. 

Today, there are a variety of startups in a variety of fields like food, fintech, fashion, tech & IT, rural development, healthcare, and more that have made our everyday life simpleeasygoinggoing. But how do these startups get their funding? To run any business, funding is supremely essential. With the Help of Angel Investment Network, they easily got funds.

To get funding, these startups reach out to angel investors, venture capitalists, crowdfunding platforms, banks & a lot more. Among these, angel investors seem like they are most likely an option. Like angels, they fulfill the need for funding for the startup and also, provide guidance and use their experience as a never-ending source of knowledge.

Top 7 Angel Investment Network

Indian Angel Network is one of the top Angel Investment networks. It got going first in April 2006 by Alok Mittal, and helps with regards to cash, yet in addition concerning top-notch mentorship and systems administration and shows something an or two on technique and execution.

They distinguish and put resources into new companies that have a versatile and practical plan of action and a solid and devoted group. Indian Angel Network is known to have north of 450 existing financial backers spread across 10 nations.

Categories – IT/ITES, Telecom, Mobile VAS, Gaming and Animation, Internet / Web, Media & Entertainment, Education Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Alternative Energy, Clean Technology, Cloud Computing, and Retail.

This one is likewise one of the top holy messenger venture organizations and perceives itself as India’s most memorable Seed Investment and Innovation stage.

Established in 2016 and situated in Mumbai, it isn’t limited to giving assets; rather, it offers other center offices too, including cooperating spaces, the holy messenger organization, and post-venture support for helping early age new businesses.

Categories – Artificial Intelligence, Ad Tech, IoT, Education, E-Commerce, and Retail

LetsVenture helps new businesses hoping to raise assets to become ‘speculation – prepared’ and interfaces them to certify and true financial backers. They likewise offer out master guidance and audit the field-tested strategies of new businesses and associate them with coaches for direction.

When a startup shuts a financial backer, i.e., gains a verbal responsibility from them, LetsVenture assists them with shutting the subsidizing round process through their obligation-to-conclusion bundle. This bundle assists with minding the conclusion of the term sheet and the investor’s arrangement, close by giving total lawful and monetary carefulness.

Categories – Vertical and Horizontal. The former category covers domains like consulting, consumer internet, hyperlocal, online aggregator, research, and Saas. While the latter includes parent categories like Advertising, Aerospace, Agriculture, Art and Photography, Career Counseling, and more.

InnoPitch is a startup funding platform established in the year 2021. InnoPitch engages in the creator economy as well as building a platform that is beneficial to society as a whole. With over 80+ startups, they have provided a stage to contribute toward a better future. 

They not only assist you with funding but as a funding platform, they also help you get in touch with angel investors, who along with funding, will share their impeccable knowledge and experience with the startup owners. 

Categories – Fintech, Deeptech, Women Entrepreneur, Rural Entrepreneur, Social Impact, Community Project, Logistics, Packaging.

This adventure is set up more like a non-benefit association for taking special care of the venture necessities of heavenly messengers and business people the same.

For the most part, as a guideline, new businesses able to raise reserves should have major areas of strength for faultless innovation and very much outlined item and market plans. Individuals from Mumbai Angels are industry veterans with solid industry experience. They are high positioning people themselves who are either right now filling in as leaders or were already so.

Categories – IT, Business Process Outsourcing, Retail, Biotech and Pharmaceutical, Internet, Telecommunication, Media and Entertainment, Consumer

This organization is India’s most memorable exclusive holy messenger network which was established by an IIT Bombay group in 2014.

The expectation behind its development was to further develop beginning phase results. Outstandingly, Lead Angels Network is upheld by a group of very capable and experienced chefs who are energetic concerning their work including business.

This startup was established in 2012 and contains individuals who are now top business pioneers, financial speculators, and business people.

Situated in Hyderabad, they figure out how to source and put resources into new companies and organizations all over the planet. They have even figured out how to cross boundaries to arrive at nations like the UK, USA, Singapore, and UAE and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. To date, they have figured out how to finance 25 organizations and contributed an aggregate near 40 crores.

Categories – Sector agnostic


Angel Investment Network is the Backbone of startups. The world is moving at a high speed, and there is such a lot of competition in the market even in the startup biological system. For new companies, their development is dependent upon landing ventures subsidizing heavenly messenger speculation organizations. Be that as it may, it is imperative to find the right financial backer who accepts your startup as their child, and is as energetic and resolved to its future development as you are.

On the off chance that you are a business visionary who is hoping to raise assets for his startup, however, your organization isn’t as of now populated with top business financial backers, you can consider contacting these heavenly messenger venture organizations and attempt to construct an association. You can take help from this article and connect with individuals, and no one can say for sure, you may very well raise a ruckus around the town.


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