Innonest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad.

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Who We Are

We are a team of experienced and
enthusiastic members

InnoPitch is the leading Fundraising Platform in India that helps Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) raise funds.

We support fintech, rural entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, community projects, deep tech, etc. that have a global impact. Our company engages in the creator economy as well as building a platform that is beneficial to society as a whole.

With our help, creators can directly reach their communities, putting power where it belongs.

As a company, we believe in giving opportunities to anyone who can contribute to the well-being of society and be part of the new global tech stream.

Here at InnoPitch, we seek to make long-awaited dreams a reality.


We offer awesome
Opportunities for Growth


A solution for a tech-filled tomorrow

Rural Entrepreneurs

The future of India lies in its villages

Women Entrepreneurs

An omnipotent woman is omnipresent


India has the highest FinTech rate adoption globally

Social Impact

Today's little efforts by one will lead to a better tomorrow for all

Community Projects

India - Leader for a greener tomorrow


Start small to become a large enterprise

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Our Pricing:

For Investors:

2% of the amount Invested or ₹5,000 Whichever is lower

For Startups:

₹15000 as listing fee (Refundable for early bird startups)


How do I cancel my investment?

You may cancel or reduce your investment within 48 hours of investing by writing to us at Cancelling your investment is not permitted in the final 48 hours of a campaign. Remember, these conditions complement each other, and make sure you read them carefully.