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Top 7 Books for The Intelligent Investor

the intelligent investor pdf

Top 7 Books for The Intelligent Investor

Learning new skills and knowledge is crucial to the success of any business. All ambitious, intelligent investors believe reading a great deal of information is important. The following is the ultimate list of the top 7 books for the intelligent investor who wants to fund startups.

1. The Intelligent Investor

The Intelligent Investor was the first book written by Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing. It was published in the year 1939. To a large extent, this book covers numerous topics and is a comprehensive listing of major and minor issues that can impact the fundamental analysis approach to investing. The book is divided into three main sections, each covering a different concept, namely,

Investing as an entrepreneurial person or as a defensive person: Investors are categorized as entrepreneurial or as defensive. The approaches to investing differ for each category.

The enterprising investor: Investors should view their investments the same way they would other businesses.

The defensive investor: Not each investor has the time to look at the investments in the light of analyzing the business, such investors are classified as defensive investors and are advised to follow a defensive strategy which includes aspects of conservative investment that need very little effort in portfolio management, research, choice and monitoring of individual securities and overall portfolio.

The margin of safety: “We say that to have a real investment there ought to be a real margin of protection. And a true margin of safety may be demonstrated by figures, by persuasive reasoning, and by way of means connecting with a frame of real experience.

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2. Crack the Funding Code 

Most business owners trust that their only feasible investment alternatives are (1) financial savings or private credit, (2) buddies and own circle of relatives, or (3) bank loans.

They may have heard about venture capitalists or angel investors, however, they don’t have sufficient information about what these traders do, what they could offer for a commercial enterprise, and on what terms. What’s worse, marketers regularly don’t recognize a way to get the right of entry to those who are seeking to position their cash into younger corporations with potential.

Every entrepreneur who reads this book gets easy-to-observe deal checklists, a roadmap of where and how to locate the best investment resources and pinnacle business mentors for his or her precise enterprise and/or geographical location, and a step-by-step process to create pitches that make their idea or business irresistible.

3. Thinking, Fast and Slow – To understand the psychology behind investing

Why can we make selections primarily based totally on an intestine feeling as opposed to on records and statistics? Daniel Kahneman, the psychologist, economist, and winner of the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, dives into the technique we regularly use to make the most important selections, from deciding on who to marry to investing our money. 

This New York Times bestseller hones in on how a lot of us make selections primarily based totally on intuition and instinct and the way this may affect your life, together with your economic future.

“Thinking, Fast and Slow” will also reveal a way to cleverly make investment selections via means of doing away with emotion from the equation. Young buyers will study extra approximately the psychology at the back of how main buyers pick shares which might be in all likelihood to outperform others.

All in all, Kahneman demonstrates a way to make “better” selections primarily based absolutely on logic, although those selections feel uncomfortable.

4. Mastering the VC Game

Most experts, as well as the Investopedia money Review Board, agree that John C. Bogle’s popular financial guide is equivalent to an associate degree investment bible. regardless of your age, this book could be a must-read before you begin investing. initially revealed in 2007, this 2017 edition includes 2 new chapters on quality allocation and retirement investing options.

“The very little Book of good judgment Investing” provides a framework for building a low-risk portfolio and teaches you the way to create the best investment decisions. Bogle additionally explains the importance of index funds and advises readers to ignore investing fads and focus instead on constructing a broad and heterogeneous portfolio.

5. The investing King

This book is for startups, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, and anyone who wants to learn about investing or building a great company.

Whether you’ve ever considered investing in a startup, founding your own company, or simply wanted to learn about the tech founder stories that changed the course of history, then this book is for you. After analyzing thousands of startups across the world, we discovered striking motifs and similarities between the startup’s failures and billion-dollar “Unicorns” and IPOs. 

And now for the first time, we’re releasing our insider observations and this proprietary formula, to the public. Ross D. Blankenship will guide both entrepreneurs and investors on critical topics such as…How to raise big-time capital for your startup.How to best structure your startup legally, financially, and operationally. How to achieve the highest valuation for your startup.

The importance of achieving profitability in less than a year. For future startup investors and venture capitalists: How to spot the next billion-dollar startups.Examples of startups that became major success stories, and why they became forces in their industry. How to get started investing, including red flags and caveats before you begin.

How to understand valuations, financials, and investments, no matter if you’re –a beginner, intermediate, or veteran of venture capital and angel investing. 

There’s even BONUS material for investors in this book for investors that includes tips on negotiating the best deals, secrets to building a brand name within any industry, and a simple guide to understanding any startup’s finances. If you’re one of the following people, searching for topics such as entrepreneurship, business, finance, investing, venture capital, or angel Investing, then this book is for you. Now’s your chance to get ahead of your peers and start making returns on your investment: start with the amazingly profitable world of venture capital.

6. Angel Investing

Written by David S. Rose, the founding father of Gust—the international platform that powers the world of organized professional angel investing—Angel investment may be a comprehensive, entertaining guide that walks readers through each step of thanks to changing into a booming angel investor.

From building your reputation as a sensible investor to negotiating fair deals, adding price to your portfolio companies, and helping them implement smart exit ways, David provides each the basic strategies and the specific tools you need to require full advantage of this apace growing quality class.

He details the benefits of a change of integrity of an angel group, explains however seed and venture funds will help leverage an investor’s resources, and divulges how recent restrictive changes and new online platforms are making startup investing accessible.

7. The Entrepreneurial Investor

The Entrepreneurial Investor will inspire you to treat investing like a business and to think of yourself as an owner. Through solid examples and a light narrative, Paul Orfalea skillfully explores the essence of the entrepreneurial investor, which includes balancing the art and science of this discipline and viewing investing itself as a business. Along the way, he also examines how the elements of focus, opportunism, and involvement can improve your overall investment results.


Giving a glance at these books will make you understand the undeniable fact that just being an investor does not mean providing money to startups. It is a complete package of mentoring, guiding, risk allowance, and more. To become a successful investor, you must be an intelligent investor, who knows the market, and what type of startup he can make the best. 

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