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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) regulates the use of the Innonest platform’s website (“Website”, “we”, “us”) and the services (“Services”) offered on the Website. This Privacy Policy has been written in compliance with the Information Technology Act of 2000 (“Act”) and the Rules promulgated thereunder to guarantee that the information submitted by its users (“you”) is protected to the greatest extent possible. By using the Website, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Privacy Policy for the collection, retention, and use of information. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy, you may quit the Website and stop using it. This Privacy Policy is integrated into the Terms and Conditions of the Innonest platform, as well as any other agreement that has a particular section integrating the Privacy Policy. In the case of a discrepancy between the terms of such agreements and the provisions of this Privacy Policy, the terms of such agreements shall prevail and govern so long as they pertain to topics explicitly specified herein, and this Privacy Policy will apply to all other subjects.


  • Our responsibility in the safeguarding of User Information
    1. Our involvement in the safeguarding of User Information.
    2. As a general rule, we do not collect any information from you when you visit the Website. However, we collect, retain, and process information provided by you via e-mail or the completion of forms on the Website, including but not limited to your name, address, contact details, email id, details of the organisation on whose behalf you are acting (if applicable), and financial information such as bank account or credit card or debit card or other payment instruments, identity proof, and so on (“Personal Information”).
    3. In addition, we collect, store, and process such additional information as your Authentication Token, communication made by you, information posted by you in chat rooms, and any modifications made to the information given by you (“Other Information”).
    4. We may also collect some automatically generated information, such as your IP address, the date and time you access the Website, and your online activities. We may utilise third-party services to monitor and collect data that will allow us to authenticate your credentials, maintain appropriate security measures, include better Services, fulfil your requests, and improve your user experience. In addition, we may gather cookies (a piece of software code that the Website automatically transmits to your browser when you use the Website) to help us offer you with a better user experience. We do not associate the information we save on cookies with any personally identifying information you provide. Furthermore, some of our business partners, i.e. third parties working in conjunction with the Website, have cookies on our Website. They utilise cookies in accordance with their privacy policies and other website terms and conditions (“Automatically Generated Information”). Personal Information, Other Information, and Automatically Generated Information will be referred to together as “User Information.”
    5. We may use and disclose the User Information you provide to third-party websites, affiliates, consultants, and employees in order to manage, collect, store, and process the User Information in order to improve the quality, design, functionality, and content of the Website, as well as to any governmental authority as required by applicable law.
    6. The User Information you give will be used to communicate with us via newsletters, updates, notifications, and other means. Furthermore, we may contact you by phone to gather or verify the information you have supplied. Communication with you may be recorded, but it will be kept secret until required to be disclosed to a governmental body under relevant law.
    7. The User Information shall be used solely for reasons related to the Website and shall not be used for any other purpose. The User Information will be maintained until the end of your membership/listing on the Innonest platform, or for such other time as we deem essential for the operation of the Website.
    8. You shall have the right to review the information you submitted, as well as to amend the information and notify us of any changes if the information given is insufficient or inaccurate.
    9. You represent and warrant that the Personal Information and Other Information you give are true and correct to the best of your knowledge. You accept and understand that we will not be held accountable for the accuracy of the Personal Information and Other Information you supply.
    10. You must give us with all information asked on the Website or via any other means of communication. You are not required by law to furnish us with all of the information. However, if you fail to supply us with some vital information for the purposes of the Website’s Services, the Website’s full operation will be rendered impossible. Without prejudice to the above, you shall have the opportunity, while using the Services otherwise, to withdraw your permission to enable us to use the Personal Information submitted by you and notify us in writing of the same.
  • User Information Disclosure
    1. Any Personal Information you supply will be made available to only our affiliates, third parties, employees, consultants, screening committee members, mentors, or other officers who are associated with or related to the Website’s Services. Such third parties must not share the User Information given to them in any way other than as permitted by us under the terms and conditions of the Privacy policy.
    2. Except as stated above, we will not disclose the User Information to any third party without your written consent, except to governmental agencies or bodies as required by applicable law, or to exercise legal rights, defend legal claims, or protect the safety of other users, the public, or our rights.
  • Hyperlinks to other websites
    1. The Website includes hyperlinks to third-party websites. We are not responsible for any material on such third-party websites, and we will not be held liable if such websites violate our privacy policies. You agree to read and comprehend the privacy policies of any third-party websites. To be clear, our Privacy Policy only applies to User Information collected, received, held, kept, dealt with, or managed for the purposes of providing Services on our Website.
  • Website-Sent Notifications and Updates
    1. When an individual logs in to the Website as a member of the Innonest platform, we send them an email notice. Furthermore, we may send you periodical newsletters, updates, and other promotional information notifying you about Innonest platform upgrades.
    2. As a service to your privacy, we provide you with the opportunity to opt-out of any Services available on the Website. If you do not opt-out of any particular Service, you consent to receive information about such Services. To be clear, we only give you information if you have requested it. If you choose to withdraw any Services, you may unsubscribe by using the unsubscribe button in emails sent to you or tabs available on the Website. However, you will not be allowed to opt out of any Service notice that is required for the Website’s operation or that is vital to you as a member of the Innonest platform.
  • Security Procedures
    1. We will govern and protect the User Information in accordance with the security practises and procedures mandated by the Act and more specifically described in the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices & Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011 and the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines) Rules, 2011.
  • Modifications to the Privacy Policy
  1. The Privacy Policy may be revised, modified, or enhanced at our sole discretion from time to time, and the new Privacy Policy will be published on the Website with no further notice. It is your duty to keep yourself up to speed on changes to the Privacy Policy by visiting the Website for updates on a regular basis. Usage of the Website’s Services in response to a change in its Privacy Policy shall be regarded to represent your acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy.


  • Liability Exclusion for User Information Security
    1. We take reasonable precautions to protect User Information, as outlined in Clause 5 of the Privacy Policy. Employees, consultants, members of the screening committee, mentors, and officials must all be brought up to speed on security and privacy protection policies and techniques.
    2. Notwithstanding the above, we may be unable to secure or prevent unauthorised access or use, software failure or error, or other causes that may jeopardise the security of the User Information, despite our attempts to do so.
    3. You acknowledge and agree that the Internet is not a secure medium and that we cannot guarantee the security of such User Information.
  • Mechanism for Resolving Complaints
    1. The Website shall appoint a grievance redressal person (“Grievance Officer”) to resolve any of your concerns or disputes with the information posted on the Website.
    2. The Grievance Officer must resolve all grievances swiftly, but no later than one month from the date of receipt, as required by the Act.