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Rural Entrepreneurs

Why Rural Entrepreneurs?

The future of India lies in its Villages- Mahatma Gandhi

Rural India is still considered the real India. There is a lot of culture in the soil, the tradition in the lifestyle. This makes it unique. As a rural entrepreneur, these fundamentals have a lot of importance and power in them to make the right kind of entrepreneurs. Rural entrepreneurs are not just the farmers, but they have a bigger community. Almost all of the cotton-textile and edible oil industries are based in the rural areas.

Also, a lot of products that we use in our daily life have their roots in rural manufacturing. So many unknown start-ups are providing us with the basic necessities.

Occupation in Indian Villages reflects the base of the socio-economic culture prevalent in rural areas of the country. The main occupation types in Indian villages consist of agriculture, fishing, weaving, cottage industry, handicrafts, etc. 

InnoPitch provides a platform for these industries and its sub-industries to get a better development and reach. 

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