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Startup Pitch Deck

Startup Pitch deck

Startup Pitch Deck

If you plan to get funding for your startup, you need to convince the potential investors that your startup is worth their money. You have to be able to showcase the uniqueness of your product/service, your plan to sustain the market pull and push, and what are your strategies to conquer competitor markets.

To show these details, you must have a startup pitch deck. An impressive pitch deck would attract a lot of investors to invest in your startup. To understand this better, let us see what is a pitch deck.

What is a  Startup Pitch Deck?

Slide decks and startup decks, also known as pitch decks, are short presentations providing an overview of a company’s operation. The business plan should outline the key components, the services and products you provide, and your funding requirements. The pitch deck serves as a visual document that tells the story of your business, but it is primarily a tool to present your company to a potential investor.

Why create a Startup Pitch Deck?

An investor will likely learn about your company from your pitch deck and pitch presentation. An investor will likely learn about your company from your pitch deck and pitch presentation. You want investors to ask for more after they hear your pitch and not just show you to the door.

So, while a solid pitch deck is critical to raising money, the key goal of the deck is to get to the next step—another meeting and a request for more information.

Inclusions in Pitch Deck

You can download our free Pitch Deck Template, then read on for insight into the importance of the following 11 slides as you create your deck. While every business is different, the following format works for most businesses and is most likely to generate interest from investors.

  1. What we stand for and what we do

This is a quick one-sentence overview of what you offer and how you make your products or services valuable to customers. Don’t make it too complicated. The best way to take a look at this slide is to think of it as a short tweet: describe your business in 140 characters or less so that even your parents will understand it.

Using a high-profile company like Uber to indicate growth potential can be effective, but you should ensure your comparison is valid. There must be a genuine similarity in business models between your company and the referenced company.

  1. The Issue

Your business will have a tough climb if you aren’t solving some global problem.

Here you can explain the problem you are fixing and who is suffering from it. Don’t spend too much time on the competitive landscape on this slide. You’ll get to it later. Focus on the current market solutions instead.

Preferably, attempt and recount an interesting story when you are characterizing the issue. The more you can make the issue as truly as could be expected, the more your financial backers will figure out your business and your objectives.

  1. Target market and opportunity

Utilize this slide to develop who your ideal client is and the number of them there are. What is the all-out market size and how would you situate your organization on the lookout? On the off chance that you can find the information, financial backers will need to realize how much individuals or organizations presently spend in the market to get a feeling of the complete market size. This is where you recount the degree and size of the issue you are addressing.

Assuming it’s a good idea for your business, you’ll need to isolate your market into fragments that you will address with various sorts of promoting and maybe various kinds of item contributions.

However, be cautious with this slide. It’s enticing to attempt to characterize your market to be essentially as extensive as could be expected. All things being equal, financial backers will need to see that you have a quite certain and reachable market. The more unambiguous you are, the more practical your pitch will be.

  1. The arrangement

At last, you get to jump into portraying your item or administration. Portray how clients utilize your item and how it resolves the issues that you illustrated on slide two.

You’ll be enticed to draw this slide nearer to the start of your pitch deck, however, attempt and oppose the allurement. Here you develop the issue and portray how terrible it is for loads of individuals. Presently your item or administration is acting the hero to assist with taking care of that issue.

Most business visionaries are extremely centered around their item when rather they should be centered around their clients and the issues those clients face. Attempt and keep your pitch deck centered with this organization and you’ll recount a superior story.

If conceivable, use pictures and stories when you depict your answer. Showing is almost in every case better compared to telling.

  1. Income model or plan of action

Now that you’ve depicted your item or administration, you want to discuss how it brings in the cash. What do you charge and who takes care of the bills? For certain organizations (content locales, for instance), publicists take care of the bills rather than clients, so figuring out the subtleties here is significant.

You can likewise reference the cutthroat scene here and examine how you’re valuing squeezes into the bigger market. Is it true that you are a superior, excessive cost offering, or a financial plan offering that undermines existing arrangements available?

  1. Footing and approval/guide

Assuming you as of now have deals or early adopters utilizing your item, discuss that here. Financial backers need to see that you have demonstrated some part of your plan of action as that decreases risk, so any verification you have that approves that your answer attempts to tackle the issue you have recognized is incredibly strong.

You can likewise utilize this slide to discuss your achievements. What significant objectives have you accomplished up until this point and what are the major following stages you anticipate taking? An item or organization guide that layouts key achievements are useful here.

  1. Showcasing and deals technique

How are you anticipating certainly standing out and what will your deals cycle resemble? Utilize this slide to frame your promotion and deals plan. You’ll need to detail the key strategies that you expect to use to get your item before planned clients.

Finding and winning clients can at times be the greatest test for a startup, so it’s essential to show that you have a strong handle on how you will arrive at your objective market and what deal channels you anticipate utilizing.

Assuming your advertising and deals process is not quite the same as your rivals, featuring that here is significant.

  1. Group

For what reason are you and your group the perfect individuals to fabricate and develop this organization? What experience do you have that others don’t? Feature the key colleagues, their triumphs at different organizations, and the key aptitude that they offer of real value.

Regardless of whether you have a total group yet, distinguish the key places that you need to fill and why those positions are basic to organization development.

  1. Financials

Financial backers will hope to see your financials: deals gauge, pay proclamation (additionally called benefit and misfortune explanation), and income figure for something like three years.

However, for your pitch deck, you shouldn’t have top to bottom bookkeeping sheets that will be hard to peruse and consume in a show design. Restrict yourself to diagrams that show deals, all-out clients, absolute costs, and benefits.

You ought to be ready to examine the hidden presumptions that you’ve made to show up at your business objectives and what your key cost drivers are.

Make sure to attempt to be sensible. Financial backers see “hockey stick” projections constantly and will intellectually be slicing your projections down the middle. On the off chance that you can make sense of your development in light of the foothold you as of now have or contrasted with a comparable organization in a connected industry, that is very valuable.

  1. Contest

Each business has a contested structure. Regardless of whether you are opening up a completely new market, your potential clients are utilizing elective answers to tackle their concerns today.

Portray how you fit into the cutthroat scene and how you’re not quite the same as the contenders and choices that are available today. What key benefits do you have over the opposition or is there some “mystery ingredient” that you have and others don’t?

The key to this is making sense of the way you are unique about different players on the lookout and why clients will pick you.

  1. Venture and utilization of assets

At long last, now is the ideal time to request the cash. That is the reason you’re doing this pitch deck, correct? I know — I said that this pitch deck isn’t about really getting subsidized. That is still obvious, yet your potential financial backers truly do have to know how much cash you are searching for.

All the more significantly, you should have the option to make sense of why you want how much cash you are requesting, and how you anticipate utilizing the cash. Financial backers will need to know how their cash is being utilized and the way things will assist you with accomplishing the objectives you are setting out for your business.

Assuming you as of now have a few financial backers ready, presently is the point at which you ought to discuss those different financial backers and why they decided to contribute.

 Conclusion :

With the right tips and tricks, you can make the right pitch deck. And with the right pitch deck, you can get an abundance of investment that could help you grow and get the opportunity to set foot in foreign countries and become a global player.


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